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Professional Reiki Training Courses with Jo Munroe, Reiki Master

Usui Reiki I, or First Degree Usui Reiki

This first level course is suitable for complete beginners to Reiki (or any other form of energy medicine) as well as for students who wish to repeat their training. Predominantly, Reiki (meaning the source of life force energy) is about one's own personal and spiritual development. The disciplines, tools and techniques you will learn will help to enhance who you are as a unique human being.

Reiki I is taught over 1 day and a follow up evening a few days later. 

After completing Reiki I, you will need to allow at least 3 months before taking Reiki II so that your energetic body and your conscious mind can adapt to the changes you will inevitably go through on some level, if not all. This integration period may bring up things for you to face and sort out in your life so it is wise to allow yourself time for this to happen. Some people need much longer before taking the next level.

Manual, CD and Certificate included.

Usui Reiki II, or Second Degree Usui Reiki

This two day course is suitable for students who have already gained their Reiki I certificate (with JM or another Usui Reiki Master) or for those who want to repeat Reiki II.

It is advisable to leave at least 3 months between Reiki I and Reiki II to enable the shifts in the student's energies from the Reiki attunements and processes to integrate. 

Reiki II takes students to the next level of awareness and here it very much becomes a life practice ie something to be used on a regular basis. The student will have been awakened to deeper levels of consciousness and will find the tools and symbols taught on this Second Degree level will deepen this process further. It is advisable for the student to see themselves as their own client. Through working on our own spiritual and personal development, we are able to move through life more smoothly and therefore have the energy and awareness to support others.

Manual, CD and Certificate included. Please click here for information of dates, venues and costs.

Usui Reiki Master, or Third Degree Usui Reiki 

This three day course is for students who have already gained Reiki I and II (with JM or another Usui Reiki Master) or who wishes to repeat this course.

It is advisable to leave at least 6 months between Reiki II and this level to enable shifts in the student's energies to integrate. Students will find this third degree deepens their consciousness greatly and opens them fully to the life force energy, requiring the need for commitment and regular practice. 

Students will, on completing the 21 day attunement process following this course, be qualified to teach Reiki to other students though it is recommended that at least several months are given to the integration process, or perhaps even years, before teaching. You will know when you are ready!

Manual, CD and Certificate included. Please click here for information of dates, venues and costs.